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| Monday, 3 June 2013

A.      Background
We certainly know that promiscuity it is a form of deviant behavior, which is "free" in question is past the eastern limits of the existing norms. Promiscuity is a problem we often hear both within as well as from the mass media. Teens at the age of 12-15 years is an emotionally unstable individual prone restraint is not controlled by the right. Family problems, disappointment, lack of knowledge, and the solicitation of friends who hang freely make the less potential for Indonesia's young generation in the nation's progress.
Promiscuity (free sex) have an impact on adolescent mentality and health. Impact promiscuity (sex-free) in the adolescent mentality is, free sex can undermine morale and morality, why is that, because of the prominence of animal behavior in someone spreading nature of selfishness and indifference properties indefinitely. In addition to affecting the mentality, promiscuity (free sex) have an impact on the health of the youth. Not long ago there was news about the desire of a group of people that legalized abortion, on the pretext of upholding human rights. This occurs because each year an increase in cases of abortion in Indonesia is increasing, as evidenced by reports in the mass media or TV shows there is definitely revealed any cases of abortion. If this happens sec-legalized in Western countries would undermine religious order, the culture and customs of the nation. Means it has lost moral values ​​and norms that have long been ingrained in society.

B.       Benefits of Research
1.         Adding knowledge to the youth and the parents of the health effects of promiscuity (free sex).
2.         Adding knowledge to the youth and parents about the impact on the mentality of teen promiscuity.


Based on research, the impact on the mentality and adolescent health at the age of 12-15 years as the impact of loss of self-esteem mentality agony, screaming hysterically, nightmares many times about the baby, suicidal, Caught drugs, and can not enjoy sexual intercourse. And health such as sudden death due to bleeding hebat.Kematian fail suddenly due to anesthesia. Slow death due to a serious infection around kandungan.Rahim torn (Uterine Perforation). Damage to the cervix (Cervical Lacerations) that will cause a defect in subsequent children. Breast cancer (due to imbalance of estrogen in women), ovarian cancer (Ovarian Cancer). Cervical cancer (Cervical Cancer). Liver cancer (Liver Cancer). Abnormalities in the placenta / placenta (Placenta Previa) which will cause the next child disabilities and severe bleeding during the next pregnancy. Become infertile / not able to have children again (Ectopic Pregnancy). Pelvic infection (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease). Inveksi uterus. HIV / AIDS. Trichomoniasis chicken's comb or warts on the genitals (genital warts), lamidia, genital herpes.
Highest ratings are down due to the mentality that suggests promiscuity (sex-free) as well as others such as decreased mentality screaming hysterically, nightmares many times about the baby, suicidal, Caught drugs, and can not enjoy sex . All the effects of promiscuity (sex free) committed by teenagers before the supposed time where the teens can do it the right way. And the impact of promiscuity (sex-free) on health is HIV / AIDS (the most dominant and most dangerous), would have certainly been the impact of the disease is very deadly because if it is infected by this virus, all descendants (infected people) will The same virus as well as those who receive blood from people who have been infected with HIV / AIDS will also be infected with HIV / AIDS.
If this legal it will encourage the further promiscuity in society. One does not need to be married to have sex. While the disclaimer of pregnancy can be treated with abortion. Legalization of abortion is not just a reproductive health issues locally in Indonesia, but it is one of coercion secular capitalist lifestyle propagated by the United Nations through the ICDP (International Conference on Population and Development) in 1994 in Cairo Egypt.

Basically a woman who had an abortion will experience; suffering mentality as losing self-esteem (82%), hysterical (51%), nightmares many times the baby (63%), suicidal (28%), entangled illicit drugs (41%), and can not enjoy sexual intercourse (59%). Abortion or abortion means abortion womb or intentionally discard the fetus prematurely, (before it can be born naturally). Abortion is divided into two: First, the abortion spontaneous abortion occurring accidentally. cause, the content is weak, due to lack of endurance excessive activity, wrong diet and poisoning. Second, abortion is induced abortion provocateur. Deliberate intention is that a pregnant woman accidentally abort / fetus either by themselves or with help from others because they do not want the presence of the fetus.
Surely in an abortion have an increased risk of prolonged suffering to the health or safety of a woman's life. Not true to say that someone who had an abortion she did not feel anything and can go home immediately. This is a very misleading information for every woman, especially those who are confused because they do not want a pregnancy that has already happened. Health risks for women who have abortions are at risk of health and safety of physical and psychological disorders.


A.      Conclusion
Free association (free sex) have many negative effects than positive for the youth. In addition it has a lot of casualties caused by promiscuity (sex-free) such as infection by the HIV / AIDS which is a very terrible disease and until now there is no cure for people who are already infected with the disease. and other diseases that may have a better cure to prevent the youth before its too late.

B.       Suggestions
Teenagers should stay away from promiscuity (sex-free) and must be understood that promiscuity (free sex) is not eastern culture and there is no positive impact on young people. And parents are advised to pay more attention to their children so that does not happen the things that are not in want.

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